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Monday, March 9, 2020

Solar Power Operation for Air Water Machines

Now available are Off Grid Solar packs to operate our range of Air Water Generators making Water from the Atmosphere. This World first ability to operate these Domestic Air Water Makers by the sun is unique to the WES range of Air Water Machines only, as the “Wizardly development ” is linked directly to our own circuit board design. Gone are the multitude of Solar panels and banks of batteries and the high cost. In is a simple 2-3 panel system with a compact Array design at a reasonable cost which can be seen on the

This will enable those who wish to have the stand alone ability, without being connected to the grid a reality to operate their WES Air Water Machines. Available for the WES 15 bench top, the WES 30L and the WES 60 L models of our Water from the Air machines. Package shipped comes pre-wired for the DIY market or can easily be installed by any local Solar installer.

How long until drought-stricken towns run out of water?