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Monday, February 22, 2016

Alternative Uses of Water From the Air

An interesting athletic option of making water from air. Check out the FONTUS AIRO and FONTUS RYDE created by the inventor Kristof Retezár.

FONTUS AIRO will save you trouble, weight and might even save your life.  Whether you are hiking in the mountains, camping by the forest or preparing for a survival trip in the desert, AIRO will always guarantee you a safe and smooth adventure.

FONTUS RYDE  is the self filling water bottle for your bicycle.  Harvest water while you are on your bike tour and stay regularly hydrated!  This bottle uses the air stream you create while riding in order to support a cooler which helps to condense water from the air.

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All rights belong to Kristof Retezár. (all rights reserved. Copyright 2016 Retezár. Patent pending) Both water bottles have patent pending. Development of the Fontus project is being funded by AWS ( Fontus will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in a few weeks.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo – Las Vegas, Nevada – Capstone Turbine Corporation

MultiChill Technologies recently attended the world renowned trade show in Las Vegas to showcase it’s state of the art water making an air conditioning technologies. Attendees from all of the world where astonished by the products capabilities. While there Walter Ivison gave a presentation to the sales representatives of Capstone Turbine Corporation to showcase it’s groundbreaking CCHP and water products. By combining Capstone’s Micro-turbines with MultiChill Technologies products Capstone’s Reps can now can offer a complete renewable energy system to clients around the world.