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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Israel: Leading the World in Water Technology

5 desalination plants = salt reject dumped back in the Mediterranean and they use 3% of entire power source.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Israeli system takes dirty water and makes it drinkable - The National

A revolutionary portable water treatment system invented in Israel is set to be launched in Papua New Guinea next month.
The system was tested by Water PNG last week and Eda Ranu yesterday.
Yaron Dadon, Pacific Islands adviser with the Embassy of Israel in Canberra, said the system was ideal for PNG conditions.
He said the Israeli government would be donating some machines to PNG, especially for earthquake-affected areas, with a view of long-term business.
“It’s a small suitcase-sized machine,” Dadon said.
“What it does is that it takes water from any source, apart from the sea, passes it through the system and it comes out on the other side as drinking water.
“This is an Israeli innovation, made in Israel and involves features that the water industry (around the world) doesn’t know.
“This is something very revolutionary and innovative. The State of Israel thinks that this is a wonderful solution for the citizens of PNG.
“We will donate a few of them as a pilot to check how it’s going to work.
“It’s going to save a lot of efforts of the PNG government and other organisations in trying to take care of water solutions for the people.”
Clive Turner, of Conceptual Solutions Ltd, which is promoting the product, said it was easy to use.
He said dirty and polluted water would be turned into “perfectly clean water. The water that comes out is crystal-clear”.
“It takes away 99.97 per cent of suspended solids, pathogens, bacteria, organic matter, faecal matter, colloids, the whole works,” he said.
“It uses dialysis.”